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Backstabbers get rammed by the Suspects in a one sided affair
Where are the close games at these days? Certainly could not find one in this game.

The Unusual Suspects marched towards another win with an exuberant bowling display led by Vishnu, Navdeep, and Shivam. Each of the three bowlers staked a spear through the 'stabber's batting lineup with quick wickets and magnificent control of line, length and speed.

Needing 56 to win, Anand played a cautious innings of 20 to see his team through eventhough there were some testy eye to eye moments between Anand and the MAXman (AbhiMAX)himself.

Overall, the man of the match goes to Vishnu for his two wicket haul, a runout and some tight bowling.

An easy win for USS as they progress forward in this tourney.

Posted by UW Cricket, Created Wed Feb 3, 2010

Power Puffed Buoys Maul Stabbers from the Back
The Buoys team came to play as they racked up a score of 108 led by debutant Waleed and Saad Nazar. The buoys bowling lineup then took care of business taking the Stabber's batting lineup out of the game early. They were led by Arjit (Monty) who went nuts in one over to take 3 wickets. The Stabbers were pined for only 74 runs. All in all, an easy victory for the boys!

Monty's MOM Quote when asked about his match winning over " F**K MAN...4 wicket hoti...Catch Chor Diya PENCHOD...Ab mein ROunga"
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Wed Jan 27, 2010, Updated Wed Jan 27, 2010

Unusuals drills baadshahs to take easy win
USS began their campaign in style by thrashing the Badshahs team. Coupled with a poor fielding effort by the Baadshahs, and led by a dominating batting effort driven by Navdeep's 50 and Lakshay's fleunt batting, USS marched their way to a score of 170 in 10 overs. In the second innings, the USS bowling lineup, led by Srivats and Lakshay, rolled up the Badshahs bowling lineup for 50 runs.

MOM, Navdeep's quote after the game when he was asked about his powerful batting display

" Pendii Sabdi...Koi Changi Team Naal Match Pavao Yaar"
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Wed Jan 27, 2010

boys 11 vs Back Stabbers tomorrow
Boys 11 and Back Stabbers will by locking horns in a vital clash on Wednesday.

Boys 11 boasts of a strong batting lineup with Taimur, Saad, Saiket and the ever dangerous Umer Iqbal. They have a cracking bowling lineup led by the explosive Rahul Mittal, and Monty.

Back Stabbers are an upcoming team led by dangerous players in Vikas Gosain, the captain Abhi MAX, and Jiggar. They will surely look to bring down the boys!


Saad: "First game for us...Important for the team to play as one...As long as we play to win, we will be ok. Inshallah, the boys play well!"

Abhi Max(imum): "Our team is new, but we will put in MAXimum effort to pull off an upset against the boys."

Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jan 26, 2010, Updated Tue Jan 26, 2010

Unusual Suspects vs Badshahs tomorrow
Wednesday will see a great match up between the Unusual Suspects and the Baadshahs. USS are driven by a powerful batting lineup led by Anand, Kumar and Navdeep. They also have a formidable bowling lineup led by Vishnu, Lakshay, and Devashish. USS also boast of two strong all-rounders in Srivats and Navdeep.

The Baadshahs are a highly spirited team with players who do not give up easily. Led by a fighting captain in Azfar Hussain, the Baadshahs will surely look to pull of an upset against USS.

On the game, the jolly captain of USS, Parneet Singh Kohli, had this to say, "Party at my place after winning the game."

Azfar Hussain had this to say, "I will make sure our team gate crashes parneet's party."
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jan 26, 2010

Zalim Veshis demolish Victorious Sercrets for a lopsided victory
Zalim Veshis overcame a sluggish start by Usman Raja, who started to get better against pace but got runout due to Mansoor, with the bat thanks to a brilliant 50 by Waleed and a supportive 37 by Mansoor on their way to score 143 in ten overs. The ZV bowlers did a good job restricting the Victorious Secrets batsmen to 81 from 10 overs thanks to extraordinary bowling and fielding by Usman Raja. Overall a resounding victory for the Zalim Veshis team!
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jan 26, 2010, Updated Tue Jan 26, 2010

Mechs outclass Stallions in easy victory
Led by an aggressive bowling lineup, the Mech bowlers restricted the Stallions batsmen to a score of 78 in 10 overs. The determined Mechs batsmen chased down the target with three overs remaining thanks in large to a superb display of power hitting and deft touches by Mukul. He was also supported well with an important innings by Rishi. Overall a good win for the Mechs team.
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jan 26, 2010, Updated Tue Jan 26, 2010

THANKS to the exceptional convincing skills of the UW Execs :D, the UW Parking Services Director and Manager were convinced to give us the lower Optometry parking lot on the condition that all cars clear the area.

According to UW Parking, about 300 spaces have been booked by the Open Text Corporation employees. Thus, we have to make sure that we don't get into any sort of dispute with them. The playing teams, please make sure that they get to the ground by 6 as we'll be starting the game anytime after 6 depending on the cars situation.

Any sort of updates will be posted as NEWS on this website... all members/players please keep checking...
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Wed Jun 3, 2009

Due to some complaints (which I presume were by Open Text employees parking at the Optometry Lot), we can no longer use the parking lot for cricket, even if there are no cars. But not to worry, this issue will be resolved ASAP by the UW Cricket Execs.All we have to do is to get a written permission from the UW Parking Services and we'll be back in business. Thus, today's game will be re-scheduled to later date. Sorry about the delay folks. No body expected this to happen.
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jun 2, 2009

Rain causes re-scheduling
The first WCL match that was held between Zalim Veshis and Stallions has been re-scheduled to Monday June 8th due to heavy rain.
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Tue Jun 2, 2009

Taimur's Knock Leads Badel to Victory
In the second WCL match held on Jun 01, Badel beat Baadshas by 6 wickets.
Baadshas batted first and scored 90 for 5 wickets in 12 overs, while Badel chased it down in 10.2 overs with 6 wickets in hand. Taimur Khan played a sensational knock and made the the first 50 of WCL Spring 2009.
Looks like a great start to another cricket season with an intense game.
Posted by UW Cricket, Created Mon Jun 1, 2009

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