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News: Backstabbers get rammed by the Suspects in a one sided affair
Posted by UW Cricket, Posted: Wed Feb 3, 2010

Where are the close games at these days? Certainly could not find one in this game.

The Unusual Suspects marched towards another win with an exuberant bowling display led by Vishnu, Navdeep, and Shivam. Each of the three bowlers staked a spear through the 'stabber's batting lineup with quick wickets and magnificent control of line, length and speed.

Needing 56 to win, Anand played a cautious innings of 20 to see his team through eventhough there were some testy eye to eye moments between Anand and ...[BR]Read More

News: Power Puffed Buoys Maul Stabbers from the Back
Posted by UW Cricket, Last Updated: Wed Jan 27, 2010


The Buoys team came to play as they racked up a score of 108 led by debutant Waleed and Saad Nazar. The buoys bowling lineup then took care of business taking the Stabber's batting lineup out of the game early. They were led by Arjit (Monty) who went nuts in one over to take 3 wickets. The Stabbers were pined for only 74 runs. All in all, an easy victory for the boys!

Monty's MOM Quote when asked about his match winning over " F**K MAN...4 wicket hoti...Catch Chor Diya PENCHOD...Ab mein ROunga"

News: Unusuals drills baadshahs to take easy win
Posted by UW Cricket, Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010

USS began their campaign in style by thrashing the Badshahs team. Coupled with a poor fielding effort by the Baadshahs, and led by a dominating batting effort driven by Navdeep's 50 and Lakshay's fleunt batting, USS marched their way to a score of 170 in 10 overs. In the second innings, the USS bowling lineup, led by Srivats and Lakshay, rolled up the Badshahs bowling lineup for 50 runs.

MOM, Navdeep's quote after the game when he was asked about his powerful batting display

" Pendii Sabdi...Koi C ...[BR]Read More
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